The Wattrelos Carnival

The big release at the end of winter

If we were to tell you that is it lively, it wouldn't be very original. Because the Wattrelos carnival is always the big release at the end of winter, a time to let off steam, to be crazy.

The three giants, Jeanne de Wattrelos, Ferrand du Portugal and Thomas de Savoie, lead the procession to the rhythm of the brotherhoods, folklore groups from twinned towns and elsewhere, and a good number of Wattrelosian associations happy to participate in the joy and good humour.

The procession will be as full as in other years and will follow the classic itinerary: departure from Rue Faidherbe, turning at the plough at Laboureur, and going up Rue Carnot to the podium of personalities which will be set up at the Place Delvainquière.

Sunday 7th April 2024