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How to get to the Office

Wattrelos Tourist Office
189 rue Carnot - 59150 WATTRELOS
+33(0)3 20 75 85 86

Practical information
Our offices are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm from July 1st to Septembre 3th. Closed from Augustus 8th to Augustus 15th included.

It is possible to collect click and collect documentation by calling +33 (0)3 20 75 85 86

If you wish to contact us by e-mail, cliquez ici

Accessibility of the Tourist Office via Picto Access - click here

Bus, metro and tramway, the very dense network of public transport (Transpole) allows you to reach Wattrelos very quickly from Lille Flandres, Roubaix and Tourcoing stations (for the TER and direct TGV to Paris) and Lille Europe station (for the Eurostar London and Brussels, TGV to Paris and all major French cities).

For more information on schedules, availability and prices:
From a city in France,, from France 36 35, from abroad +33 892 35 35 35 (0,34€/mn)
From London or Brussels,, +33 (0)8 92 35 35 39 (0,34€/mn)
From a city in Belgium,

Public transport information from stations to Wattrelos : +33 (0)8 20 42 40 40 (0,12€/mn)

Bus, metro or tramway, getting around the Lille metropolis is easy!

Line 2 of the metro, in the direction of CH Dron Tourcoing, Eurotéléport stop, allows you to cross the metropolis quickly in the direction of Wattrelos.
Then, the Liane 3 bus (frequency during the week: 10 minutes) or the MWR brings you to the centre of Wattrelos in 15 minutes.
6 Transpole bus lines connect the various districts of the city. For an itinerary and an estimate of time, consult , +33(0)8 20 42 40 40 (0,12 €/mn)

Thanks to a well-equipped road network with numerous motorways, Wattrelos is easily accessible from the major regional and national capitals.

Wattrelos is accessible:
Coming from the A1 (Paris) : 249 km -  2h28
Coming from the A25 (Dunkerque) : 94 km – 1h10
Coming from the A23 (Valenciennes) : 62 km – 0h57
Coming from the A8 (Bruxelles) : 110 km – 1h14 Calculate your route with : ou
For more information on road traffic : ,
or the Regional Road Coordination Centre : +33 (0)8 26 02 20 22

Taxi Labarre, 15 rue Jean Jaurès. +33 (0)6 16 60 26 00
Ribeiro Manuel, 34 rue des Ecoles. +33 (0)3 20 27 59 24

From July 2023, bicycles and scooters will be for rent throughout the town of Wattrelos. 

How it works ?

To borrow a bicycle or an electric scooter, you must be at least 16 years old, have a smartphone and an associated bank card.

You download one of the TIER or LIME#REDGREEN applications, from the two providers providing the rental.

Then you choose your formula: subscription or occasional loan.

You make the trip, then you store the bike or scooter in one of the 64 locations marked on the ground to turn it off (otherwise you continue to pay!).

How much does it cost?

You pay to unlock the machine and then to drive.

Example of subscription: 22.99€ per month (free unlocks + 150 minutes) Example of possible formulas: 32.99 (300 minutes) or 49.99€ (450 minutes) For occasional use: €1 to unlock the machine + 15 to 20 cents per minute

Our commitments

  • Provide an easily accessible reception and information area.
  • Make it easier for you to do business.
  • Provide you with furniture to sit on.
  • Inform you free of charge about the local tourist offer.
  • Display and disseminate its opening periods in a foreign language.
  • Be open at least 300 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays during tourist or entertainment periods.
  • Responding to your letters all year round.
  • Provide a permanent reception service staffed by people who speak at least one foreign language.
  • To ensure the provision of paper-based tourist maps, plans and guides.
  • Give you access to its bilingual website.
  • Update its tourist information annually.
  • Display emergency telephone numbers outside.
  • Handle your complaints and measure your satisfaction.
  • Provide you with a travel advisor.
  • To ensure the reliability and timeliness of information on the local tourism offer.
  • To update the data on the tourist offer of its geographical area of intervention.

Disseminate its tourist information also in paper form, translated into at least one relative foreign language:

  • To all classified tourist accommodation including at least the name of the establishment, postal address, e-mail address, website address, telephone number, classification level;
  • Monuments and cultural, natural or leisure tourist sites which may include the indication of user fees, periods of opening to the public, the website and postal and telephone contact details.
  • Events and activities;
  • Emergency telephone numbers.