Become an association and professional partner

As a Partner of our Tourist Office, we offer you several services:

  • Promote your activity by making our website a window to your business,
  • Communicate via our social networks,
  • Present your activity and your actions to our visitors (deposit of brochures and flyers, promotion of your activity on our home screen),
  • Highlight your activity at the trade fairs in which we participate,
  • Benefit from personalised advices.

Find out more in our Partner Guide 2022

We offer different formulas to share your informations effectively via the Wattrelos Tourist Office.

We list your activities on our media (website and listing), add your events to our online calendar. You can leave your posters and flyers in our offices. Your documentation is available to the public at the events and trade fairs in which we participate.

Rates for the current calendar year : 

  • Free subscription to our association required
  • 35€ for professionals
  • 7.50€ for associations

In addition to the services of the Presence pack, we can add a digital display of your establishment on the screen in the reception area of the Office, insert your event in our monthly newsletter, highlight your events or your establishment on our website, share your events on our social networks, create a Facebook event to be displayed in the Local application, add your events to the online diary of the Voix du Nord and Guide Sortir.

Rates for the current calendar year :

  • Free subscrption to our association required
  • 85€ for professionals
  • 57.50€ for associations

Who can become a partner?
The following providers can become our partners :

  • Professional organisations: restaurants, tourist sites, museums, exhibition and show venues, leisure activities,
  • Accommodations declared at the town hall (on presentation of the receipt provided by the town hall)
  • Companies and shops,
  • Associations. We offer associations the possibility of selling their tickets
  • How do I submit a ticket to the Tourist Office?

Become a partner" brochure 2022

Leisure members

Become Leisure members

Our association offers its leisure members a range of visits and excursions in partnership with the Tourist Offices of Tourcoing and Wasquehal.

Rates for leisure memberships (current calendar year): 8€ for one person - 13€ for a family.
To become a member, simply go to the Tourist Information Centre to fill in your membership form.


Visits and excursions