Fête des Berlouffes


The time to start a new school year is also the time of the Berlouffes! grenirreduit
The famous event of Wattrelos will take place this year on Sunday, September 13th 2020 in the city center and in numerous streets of Wattrelos included between the districts of Saint-Liévin in the North and of the Laboureur (entered by Roubaix) in the South.

In all, 17 km of pavements will be delivered to the bargain hunters for one of the biggest attic sales of France, which has for peculiarity to be exclusively and jealously reserved for the private individuals!

But this day is also...

This day also commemorate the " Jour des Gueux ", one of the most poignant episodes of the War of the Religions, arisen to Wattrelos December 27th, 1566.

The Protestants, callpoupe berlouffeed Gueux, flee from the troops of Duke d' Able, and find refuge in the church of Wattrelos. The soldiers of Duke d' Albe, not managing to force doors, set on fire the religious building. If certain Gueux chosed to throw themselves of the bell tower of the church but found only the death, the others were burned or  suffocated. This tragic episode made 150 victims among the Protestants.

Since 1977, dolls of cloth are thrown down from the bell tower of the church Saint-Maclou and the inhabitants throw the arms in the air to catch a doll. Then a model, called Bonhomme Berlouffe, is burned, is burning at the end of the particular day.

On the Menu :

  • Huge attic sale from 8 am till 7 pm in the streets of Wattrelos: perimeter going from Saint-L iévin to the Laboureur by way of the city center and the surrounding streets;
  • The giants Jeanne de Wattrelos, Ferrand du Portugal, Thomas de Savoie will escort, with the foklorique group of Berlouffes from the Touquet Saint-Gérard, the big model Berlouffe up to the square of the City hall (arrived at about 11:15 am);
  • No change for the jet of dolls which will be made, as usual, down from the church Saint-Maclou (Place Jean Delvainquière) at 5:30 pm;
  • The burning of Berlouffe at 6 pm on the Place Jean Delvainquière.
The Tourist Office will be open from 9 am to 5 pm on Sunday September 10th. You can find some souvenirs of Wattrelos and of the Berlouffes at our “Boutique”.


Information at the Tourist Office : or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.