• bourles


The track is ended in the extremities with a ditch (also called “tchu”) serving to collect the bourles put offside. In approximately 1.50 meters of every extremity of the track, the étaque is placed. It is a metallic workpiece settled shimming the ground, used as jack. The most former tracks are made by soil with an addition of cow dung, of sand, of salt and beer. The most recent are covered with a synthetic cover.

Technique and rules of the game

Two teams consisted from 2 to 6 players are constituted of a commandant, “pointeurs” and “frappeurs”. The purpose is to place its bourles closer of the étaque.  A drawing lots is made. The team winning the drawing lots has the right to choose its color and to begin the meeting. To throw its bourle, it is necessary to take it in the right hand (the left hand for the left-handed persons), palm upward, the left hand will serve as guide, then to move forward slightly the left foot, put himself in semi bent, then to make roll the bourle delicately in a straight line, or to the right or to the left to give it the possibility of zigzagging.
The “pointeurs” of the first team, placed behind the étaque (it is possible to use all the width of the track), place a part of their bourles the closest to the étaque in the other extremity of the track. The team-mates will then try to place the other bourles throughout the track to constitute obstacles to block their opponents.
The other equip plays when the first team threw all its bourles. The team  will try to make "Jo", that is to take the point by-passing the obstacles thanks to "banks" or slopes of the track and the "fort" of the bourle (side the most bevelled by the bourle allowing to have a modified trajectory) to approach the étaque. If the track is obstructed, "butcheux" (the “frappeurs”) will try to remove with strengths the annoying bourles, so leaving the access to the étaque.
A point is awarded to each of the bourles of the same team being most meadows of the étaque. A friendly match takes place in 6 or 8 points.