Games of tradition


La bourloire

The game of bourle is practised in a bourloire, settled mostly behind a café. Formerly outdoors, today the bourloires are practically any coverings.     
The game of bourle is constituted by several elements. To Wattrelos, the game is practised with a big bourle. Made wooden of gaïac, wood very dense coming from Latin America, or of québracho, its weight varies between 4.5 and 9 kilos. More recently, the canévasite (a synthetic resin) is used to made bourles in a way to protect their longevity.  In a shape of wheel from 25 to 27 cms in diameter on 10 cms wide, the bourle  is asymmetrical with a side more bevelled than the other one. This allows making it zigzag more easily between others bourle stopped on the track. The track, of about 20 meters long on a width about 3 meters, is curved in its center creating a different in height of 10 to 15 cms between the middle and the edges.

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Very long-lived in the North, it is practised in a space reserved with several vertical perches. The archers grouped in brotherhood collect to score on the "papegay". This target is constituted by a cork and by very colored feathers hung on more than thirty meters of the ground at the top of a perch.
This sport is practised with arc in fiberglass or in carbon pulling arrows of 80 cms of length.


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The javelin is the major game of the region the Nord - Pas de Calais and especially to Wattrelos. Considered as a full sport, it consists in throwing in one hand, by a movement from the bottom up, on a target, a short tempered point 20 cms long of steel, decorated with feathers to be more aerodynamic. The javelin weighs between 300 and 400g. It does not represent particular faculties if it is not the concentration.